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Jacksonville Countertops

Granite & Quartz Countertops

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About US

Honesty • Communication • Education • Quality

Ten years ago,

we set out to be different...

​We understand that most people who want new kitchen countertops aren't sure where to begin or who to trust to do the job right.

We take the time to answer all of your questions and guide you through the different materials and options.


Then we fabricate and install custom countertops that are so perfect, your friends and neighbors will be jealous.


"We're a different kind of

countertop company"

     These are words we live by, and they define everything we do.


  We constantly strive to differentiate ourselves.

So what's the difference?

We're a company focused on one product, centered around a set of core values that put YOU first.



You will always receive:


A truly accurate calculation of the size and square footage of your job.


Clear, concise pricing.


An honest estimate of the current lead time required to complete your job.

Even if the answer may cost us the sale.

​​For instance:

We quote you the ACTUAL square footage of your countertops.  Unfortunately, some granite and quartz fabricators will add 10-20% to your project square footage by "double counting" your corners or rounding every measurement up. This is an easy way to overcome an artificially low advertised price.

Speaking of advertised prices...

    We don't advertise granite for $30 per square foot and then charge for extras like sink & faucet holes.


When you receive a quote from us, you are given a bottom line number to complete your job... including all labor, the variables of your kitchen or bathroom, and the materials you are considering... because that is what really matters.

The next question is, "How long will it take to complete my job?"

Over the last two years, our average lead time to installation day is 6- 8 weeks from acceptance of our final quote.  This varies a little depending on the time of year, but we don't go around touting a 7 day turnaround time, because that is unrealistic.

If we are so busy that we believe it will be three months before your countertop installation, we'll will be honest with you about that...

Even if we sense that you are unable or unwilling to wait that long.

Be wary of fabricators who tout an extremely short turn around time.  In our experience, they are either telling you what you want hear, do not have a lot of work, or are rushing through jobs at a break neck pace...

Neither of these things is particularly good.

Communication & Service

Communication is a very simple concept that a lot of companies get very wrong.  We cannot earn your business if we do not respond to you promptly. 


If you reach out to a few different companies for a countertop quote, how long will it take each one to call or email you back? 



If it takes a day, or even two or more, how responsive will they be after you have handed them a check?

And while we're on the subject of checks, what kind of service can you expect AFTER your countertops have been installed and paid for?

Here is a common phone call that we get a few times per year...

"Company XYZ installed did my countertop installation a few years ago, and I need someone to come drill another hole for a new faucet or water filtration system.  They won't call me back.  Is this something your company can do?"

The answer to that question is "yes", but that is not the important part...

What on earth is wrong with a company who cannot be bothered to handle this for a customer who presumably paid them thousands of dollars?

We recently stopped by to drill a new hole for a customer who purchased a new Reverse Osmosis system.  We did that job in January 2014!  They actually seemed surprised that we responded so quickly.

After I left, I wondered why.  That is normal around here.

Whether it is sealing, modifying, repairing, or you simply have a question, we'll always take your call... no matter how long it's been.


     Informed consumers are harder to mislead, experience less buyer's remorse, and make better decisions.  We think Jacksonville Countertops is a better decision for your granite or quartz countertops.

We're here to be your guide through the whole process and help you win by getting countertops that look and perform the way you want them to.

     That's why we've built the most comprehensive countertop site in Jacksonville.


It's all on our Countertops101 page:

Choosing the right material: Granite, Quartzite, Quartz, or Marble

Viewing and selecting slabs

Pricing: How we do it, common scams, & more

Our process: From estimate to install

We've pulled  from our our own real world experience as well as articles and sites from trusted manufactures and sources around the country. 

When you have someone in your home to discuss your countertop project, do they seem rushed, pushy, or annoyed when you ask questions?  Or do they seem patient and passionate about sharing their knowledge and weird love of granite & quartz countertops?

Here's a dirty secret...

A lot of countertops companies around Jacksonville aren't very informed about countertops.  This is dangerous, and we're spending a lot of time to educate customers and defeat this ignorance.

For instance, do they know...

That it's actually OK to use an acidic based household cleaner on granite?

  It is.

Do they tell you that using sealer on marble will protect it from etching?

It won't.

Do they know that there are a specific set of standards for supporting bar tops and over hangs in the countertop industry? 

There are, and they are laid out clearly by the Marble Institute of America.

Do they know that despite significant geologic differences between quartzite and marble, they are often mislabeled by slab distributors?  Can they independently verify a slab's classification by using a simple test based on scientific principles? 

We do.

Do they understand that if they caulk your backsplash using clear silicone, that it will turn a milky white color over time, particularly around the sink and other wet areas?

We do, and we combat this using 9 different colors of high quality silicone matched to your countertops.

These questions are just the tip of the iceberg.  An educated customer can be a problem or nuisance for some companies...

We love them!

Extreme Quality

Hedgehog concept for Granite Countertops

The Hedgehog Concept

Drives Our Business

We have a saying around here...

"Whether it is a $200 vanity top or a $12,000 granite kitchen, this is A LOT of money to SOMEBODY."

When  the installers are gone, and you have paid for your countertops, are you going to LOVE them?

Quality work is the bedrock of our company...


We achieve that through focus.


We don't do tile, cabinetry, plumbing, painting, AND countertops...

We ONLY do countertops... REALLY, REALLY WELL !

We don't subcontract anything.  We have our own shop, our own slab distributors, and our own equipment.


You have spent a lot of your hard earned money on your countertops.  You may have eaten pizza and washed dishes in the bathtub for a week. 


Don't be left with a bad seam, bumpy corners, or poor caulking that will drive you crazy for the next 10-20 years. 


From our website, to our attention to detail during your template...

to the little things during fabrication...

to our clean and efficient installation...

to our flawless color-matched caulks...


Everything we do speaks to our endless pursuit of quality and perfection!

You deserve...

To have every question answered...

To be treated like family, not a number...


To have the most professional countertop fabricator and installer in your home.

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