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Are you ready to update your countertops and transform you kitchen into a warm, inviting space that your family likes spending time in again?

We'll help get you there.

You want


  • New kitchen countertops, but you're not sure about all the options .

  • A company who will do the job right, stand behind their work, and not make a mess in your house.

You feel


  • Worried about what will happen if there is a problem with the job.

  • Upset that companies don't take the time to answer all of your questions or respond to you.

You deserve


  • The highest quality craftsmanship & the best customer service.

  • An honest company who doesn't make you feel pressured or rushed into a decision.

We're a Different Kind of Countertop Company



How to get the granite or quartz countertops of your dreams with none of the headache...


The Perfect Plan:



Schedule an Estimate

An easy, 30 minute In-Home Visit takes the stress out of buying kitchen countertops.

We'll answer all of your questions & address every concern.



Visit a Slab Yard

A fun trip to one of our distributors let's you see full slabs side by side. 


You can hand select the exact ones  you want in your kitchen.



Love Your Kitchen

We'll custom fabricate your new quartz or granite countertops and professionally install them. 


We're only in your home one day, and we won't leave a mess.


Don't Let This Happen To You


  • You choose a company who advertises the lowest price, but they claim your kitchen is bigger than it really is plus tack on an extra charge for "cutting a sink hole."


  • Your countertops show up with installers who waste time on their phone, have to leave three times to go to the store, and the job drags on until 10:00 at night, or worse, for multiple days.


  • You get stuck with a company who always reschedules or runs late and takes forever to email or call you back when you reach out to them


  • You're not happy with the quality of the work, and the installers left a mess everywhere, but no one at the company, including the owner, seems to care about anything but your final payment.


You deserve a lot better:

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"Chris was very attentive. He was very patient as we changed our mind a few times. Chris went above and beyond to get the job done to our liking."

"My quartz countertop is beautiful & the detailing is impeccable!  ...they were patient, very particular & made sure the area & countertop were clean before leaving."

"Our new granite countertops are the envy of the neighborhood, and we were the heroes of Thanksgiving with the family!  Honest, punctual, and patient."

Granite Countertops in Jacksonville FL

We're not unknowledgeable, high pressure sales people.  We are passionate and educated in every aspect of  quartz and granite countertops.  

Chris Harvey, Owner & CEO

Not quite ready?  Our granite and quartz learning center is a great place to start...


We've got all the information you need to pick slabs like a pro, how countertop prices work, and what to expect during the job.

Imagine the possibilities...


With Jacksonville Countertops, you aren't pressured into choosing from a small inventory of materials at our shop.

You can hand select your materials from the largest slab distributors in Jacksonville, FL.

Granite. Quartz. Marble. Quartzite. Hundreds of variations and colors to choose from.



We are PROUDLY American owned and operated. 

Your home, your family, and your pets matter to us.  We close doors behind us, clean up when we're done, and keep noise to a minimum.

Your time is valuable, so we make it a point to be punctual and will never no call/no show.

The owner of the company answers every call, every email, and handles all sales, and checks-in after every countertop installation.  This means there's ultimate accountability, and there's no he said/she said.

You chose us, not the cheapest countertop company in town, so you get highly skilled & well compensated craftsmen working on every aspect of your job, not minimum wage employees with minimal experience.

Jacksonville Granite Countertop In Bathroom

Visit our photo gallery  for ideas and inspiration...



You're going love your new kitchen countertops.

Granite countertops & quartz countertops look and perform as amazing in year 10 as they did in week one.

No more stains, scratches, or burn marks.

They are durable, low maintenance surfaces that you and your family will love to gather around.

Your friends & neighbors will wish they had them.

It's time to enjoy your kitchen again.

Countertops Jacksonville FL

You deserve...

To have every question answered...

To be treated like family, not a number...


To have the most professional countertop fabricator and installer in your home.

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